Wealthy Affiliate University – Honest and Accurate Review!

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I assume you are here because you might be unhappy with your daily routine, maybe it just seems to be dragging you down or getting you nowhere.

Maybe you are just curious as to what options might be available, let’s actually go out on a limb and say you are open to the option of working in your pajamas in your own home while your neighbor fights frustrating traffic and treacherous weather!

Or if you are just wanting to create a life full of new and exciting accomplishments that could actually make you feel good inside, especially as the money starts flowing to you increasingly each and every month so now you actually live a happy and rewarding life with the freedom to do things when you choose and not on someone else’s schedule, with no worries as to your future.

This opportunity is tuned for the future and the rest of your life!

Hey Its no surprise to me, I have been wanting a change most of my life. But creating abundance and security in this competitive and sometimes overwhelming moment we catch ourselves living in can be more than challenging.

I am here to tell you, I finally found the answer after all these years!

If you would like I could tell you about it. I can’t lie, its not for everyone! But maybe it’s for you!

Anyone who has a desire for a change can learn this, it’s not rocket science but you do have to commit some time to learn, and Wealthy Affiliate University is the place to learn!!

I can tell you this, the information I will provide to you is not only educational but tantalizing as well, This Opportunity is REAL! and you may decide it just might be your cup of TEA!

Below I will explain the opportunity with all the relevant information to give you a finer understanding of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about! 


Hold on tight there’s a lot to tell!

Let me first explain,

This opportunity is not only real and completely legitimate, but also worthy of recognition and pride as it is not for everyone, but for those that like to express themselves as well as feel good promoting products or services of your interests, and doing so professionally and profitably to a vast audience of over 4 Billion people!! If you are looking to excel and contribute to this online goldmine we call the internet! I mean if you have an interest in living a life that you control.

Then you owe it to yourself to read on!

But remember, change comes by seeking new avenues not yet understood or simply unknown to you. You have to look outside the box of the norm in your life, their lye’s challenge, satisfaction, and new beginnings. Opportunity is never more than an arm’s length away on this massive internet. It simply requires your attention and understanding.

So if this sounds like something you may be interested in, please read the following and decide for yourself if it is worthy of your time and effort.

But remember this, It does take time and plenty of effort to succeed as the competition is not meager by all means. What you will learn is not rocket science but time consuming and takes a willingness to succeed!

If your looking for the next fad or get rich quick scheme you should go ahead and move on, cause this is not it!


Wealthy Affiliate University – Honest and Accurate Review.

Let’s begin my friend –

Part One


Quick View – w/recommendation:

This will list all major aspects of Wealthy Affiliate as well personal recommendation based on my knowledge/experience

  • Company – Wealthy Affiliate (Internet Marketing University)
  • Owners – Kyle and Carson (26 years of combined knowledge.)
  • Opportunity Learn Internet Marketing (Internet Publishing / Affiliate Marketing, creating re-occurring monthly income promoting products of your interests and passions. with unmatched training from an online University that has been well established and rivaled by none,  Finally, take control and live the life of your choice!)
  • Active 12 years
  • Members – More than 1,400,000 (1.4 Million members living the dream!)
  • Countries – Last count 193
  • Support More than 1800 coaches (waiting for questions including Kyle & Carson)
  • Businesses built – Over 10,000 (Each and every month!)
  • Website free website (free state of the art hosting, analysis tools, tutorials)
  • Resources – Everything you need for success! (affiliate boot camp w/ Text & video tutorials, free coaching, Live chats 24/7 simply ask a question, Live training events weekly, SEO strategies, websites w/ free hosting, research and analyze your competition with jaaxy in its many facets, search a question find the answer or have it answered almost immediately! positive community support and feedback from all members leaving you feeling strong, confident, motivated and so much more!)
  • Consensus – (A general Agreement or feeling within the community) – Contentment/Excitement! (a feeling of well-being and excitement to be part of a community of like-minded individuals following their dreams.)
  • Costs Free to join (with limited resources’ (no credit card needed) if and when your ready to take full advantage of all resources’ membership is $19.00 first month and ( $49.00 per mo.) or ($359 yearly – $30 mo.)
  • Join Free – Free members receive: 2 free WordPress websites w/ free hosting, affiliate blog, Step by step training, Training Video’s, Jaaxy Research tools, Affiliate boot camp, 2 live classes. One on one coaching with Kyle or Carson (free members only receive one time), also an option for an Affiliate program to earn money (no charge).
  • Payout – If you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate ( Free members who refer a Monthly Premium member to WA will earn $4 the first month and $11.75 each month after that. When a free member refers a Yearly Premium member, they earn $87.50 each year. Premium members who refer a Monthly Premium member to WA will earn $8 the first month and $23.50 every month after that. When a Premium member refers a Yearly Premium member, they earn $175 each year.)
  • Personal recommendation – So the bottom line is that Wealthy Affiliate is offering everything that is needed and so much more to accommodate and teach you with years of knowledge as well as much needed products and tools that will teach you how to become a success online as an affiliate marketer. You get what you pay for and for the meager amount that you choose to commit to, or use their free knowledge which is quite substantial. It is a no brainer that Wealthy affiliate is the leader and the exception to online schooling. I have searched far and wide and this is the real deal! Do not hesitate as you are only delaying your future of prosperity! Sign up NOW! HERE. (no credit card required)

Part Two: 





Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – created in 2006,

Finer Details – w/recommendation

This will be the nitty-gritty of what is really offered and what you will receive as a member.

Kyle and Carson had the vision to create an academy teaching online publishing and promotion. Allowing individuals to capitalize on the world wide web (www.) and E-commerce. Each with the passion to create a wealthy community of like-minded individuals, they allow their members to have access to all the tools and knowledge required to become successful internet marketers promoting products or services where their interest’s and passions lead them. This in turn creates wealth, with monthly revenue that continues to grow in accordance with your efforts.

Their dedication and persistence have paid off in many ways. Since inception Wealthy Affiliate has become a dominant force with over 1.4 million members and over 10,000 new businesses built monthly. Now spanning to 193 countries worldwide.

Their track record speaks for itself with a community that continues to grow and back each other while they thrive like a force to be reckoned with. The naysayers tend to steer clear of WA as they have no merit for negativity. You will find no big talk here, The bottom line is this – Everything is here to make a life for yourself and be proud of it!

This is simply an opportunity.

Your higher self or a higher power has bestowed this on you as a possibility depending on your desires and needs. Everything you need is in place and waiting for you to implement. Its obvious success can only be achieved with your effort unless you win the lottery or inherit it. So don’t think it’s a free ride you must learn and work at it like you would any business.

Your personality will mold your creation into something to be proud of and make your own. With learning, research, writing, and persistence you begin to understand the web and how it ticks. You had to learn how to ride a bike before you could jump on and go. This is no different! Anyone can do it young or old. Wealthy Affiliate provides the training wheels to guide you to success at any speed you choose. Listen I am here to tell you that if you are ready, willing and able then success awaits you, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when!

Just soak up the info that will be handed to you on a silver platter. The only thing you need to bring to the table is your attention and dedication to learning, implement what you learn, and finally learn to grasp each concept on a higher level of understanding, This will create your future that you deserve. It’s similar to learning music, you start to feel the concepts and put them together like a sheet of music, creating a vibrational masterpiece that others can appreciate and connect with. Just like music, there are different genres. Allowing you to appeal to the vastly different cultures and beliefs, you simply tune your efforts accordingly.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1800 expert coaches waiting to answer questions you might have. On the average they help over 23,000 people daily, needless to say, the consensus of the community is positive and strong as they know all the information and resources needed to build and grow their business is close at hand and available at all times.


Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Has so much to offer an individual who is willing to give the effort to change their current situation. Unlike the majority of online businesses offering pipe dreams and promises, they cannot keep. Wealthy affiliate, on the other hand, has created a community of over 1.4 million members and growing rapidly, because they do not promise something they can’t deliver. In fact, they deliver the goods as promised and so much more. Growing each and every year adding resources and experience for anyone who is ready. WA gives you all the knowledge, tools, videos, coaching, resources’, hosting and understanding that is required to make it these days online. The competition is fierce, you need up to date information and relevant resources’ to be successful.

The opportunity is clear here! WA is a force to be reckoned with and only getting better. It is a University for creating successful Internet publishers/promoters of any type of product or service that you prefer or have a passion for.

We guide you every step of the way answering any question you might have and giving you a plan of action to reach your goals. The community is made up of like-minded individuals who feel good and help any way they can, comprised of over 1800 helpful coaches in the vast community of over 1.4 million members.

Training resources:

  • Live weekly training classes covering new and evolving topics.
  • Over 300 hours of previous live classes
  • 5 phases 50 lessons course teaching the fundamentals for online entrepreneur certification.
  • Affiliate boot camp over 70 lessons.
  • 1000s of training modules covering anything and everything.
  • 12 classrooms covering different questions, if you can’t find the answer, simply request and training will be created.
  • Once established you can create your own training video, text tutorial, or courses and get paid for it.
  • 1800 Coaches plus Kyle & Carson.

Here is how it works: Briefly

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free! (no credit card needed) or Join for a nominal monthly fee or yearly discounted fee!
  • Choose your Niche. (product/service) or promote WA with a huge payout of residual income! (monthly income)
  • Create your website. (watching step by step video, asking questions, using word press, jaaxy, and many other resources.)
  • Advertise your website. (to be available to the prospect. again spelled out in videos, text, and coaching.
  • Get listed on google etc. watching videos understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using available tools and research from provided resources’.
  • Watch the money come into your checking account! (with a big smile on your face 🙂 the feeling is thrilling and rewarding!).

So Let’s be clear, you do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money, in fact, it’s just an option. The school teaches you how to become a successful online publisher and affiliate of any product that you have interest in. However, most people promote Wealthy Affiliate because the payout is just about 50%. Just enroll 2 students and your tuition is paid.

Anyone who applies themselves to the teachings of this university, Will Succeed. Some will succeed more than others as with anything else in life. But there is no doubt that everything you need for success is here waiting. There are countless success stories, in fact, every day someone chimes in with a new story that just makes you feel good because some of these people were computer illiterate when they started. Case in point –

You will learn how to choose a product or service and become an affiliate. Making money as you promote their product or service. This is a University with unlimited resources’ waiting to teach you all that you need to know to become successful online. It’s not rocket science, anyone can learn it just takes effort and persistence.

The opportunity is clear, everything is here to allow you to be prosperous and satisfied with your efforts and your life!

That being said, this is not for everyone we are all individuals with different ideas and ideals. But if you are looking for this type of work because you enjoy it or you realize like I have that my physical working days are numbered and you need something you can do at home with no – gas to pay, traffic to fight or bad weather to deal with (like snow and ice!) or you just want to feel self-dependent and be in control of your future,  you owe it to yourself to take a good look at Wealthy Affiliate and use the free resources’ until you feel comfortable enough to pay a tuition for further knowledge and resources available.

Let the world be your paycheck!!

TUITION – your choice!

All opportunities are different, I believe most are scams and I have rarely spent my hard-earned money on them. But now and then you find a legitimate opportunity. An opportunity for you to excel in your life with resources’ you need.

The truth is, you have to pay a tuition to just about any university. Wealthy Affiliates is one of the few opportunities that allow you to choose a free membership and then they give you more than your money’s worth if you decide to move on to paying the membership.

Of course, you do not actually have to pay a membership fee and there is so much knowledge available for FREE !. However, when you join as a premium member for $19.00 the first month and $49 a month thereafter. Or choose yearly for ($359 = $30 monthly.) You receive more available help and resources also your commission is doubled if you decide to promote WA.:)

I also believe it just makes for a stronger community of more serious-minded individuals who realize this is a school, not a pipe dream and are willing to take the time and effort that is needed to absorb the right mind frame and knowledge you must have to succeed.

It’s not actually a question of whether you should enroll as there is no risk what so ever! The question is why shouldn’t you enroll?

Simply take a look, hopefully, you will get excited and take full advantage of all that is offered from Wealthy Affiliate. I know for me it was a no-brainer as I had no excuse to say no!

So let us just say you come aboard, and decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate like most members do.

Here is a breakdown of money you can earn:

Your paycheck from Wealthy Affiliate if you so choose:

Free members: If you have joined as a free member and decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate, for each student you sign up as a full-fledged student your commissions will be as follows:

1st month: $4.00 – 2nd month and every month after until cancellation: $11.75    Yearly enrollment: $87.50

Paying members: If you have upgraded your enrollment as a paying student and are promoting Wealthy Affiliate, for each student you sign up as a full-fledged student your commissions are as follows:

1st month: $8.00 – 2nd month and every month after until cancellation: $23.50    Yearly enrollment: $175.00


Recommendation + Bonus

Highly Recommended!!

There is no doubt this is one of the greatest opportunities online to date, If your looking for a new lifestyle that you will have total control over, then you have just found it. Wealthy Affiliate has success story after success story of individuals who have had enough of being pushed around and making the big dogs all the money while they throw us the scraps! I have searched far and wide for many years online hoping to run into a legitimate money making life changing opportunity that I can be proud of. This my friend is that opportunity and I intend on using it to create happiness once and for all for me and my lovely wife. And I suggest you do the same if your ready for a change.

Since you are here on my review you might as well do yourself a favor and take the first step, Join for free no credit card is needed. Then start by checking out the community, the resources, the success, the plan that is given to you step by step, like anything else it takes effort and some time but you begin to acclimate as you start to mingle and grasp the concept, Once it dawns on you that there are over 4 B I L L I O N people using the internet then you begin realizing the potential that has fallen into your lap. Yeah, baby!

Although this opportunity is to allow you to become an affiliate of any product or service you have a passion for. You also have the option to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Just take a look at their compensation.

Potential:      Sign up 100 members receive $2350.00 mo. every month! 

                          Imagine 1000 sign-ups, receive $23,500 mo. every month!

There are members doing this now and much more!

This is just the beginning, you branch out to other interests of your choice. 

Just take the time to learn, and implement what you learn about making a living online. The rewards follow automatically. 

There is no better time – Grab the moment and a new beginning for your life.

Remember no credit card needed just come and take a free look to validate my Review!


Once you create an account, I will be contacting you via email. Within this email I will be offering you a few bonuses if you sign up within seven days of creating an account. Including a 59% discount on your first month membership along with 2 more bonuses once I see you are truly interested and ready to take control of your life. So waste no time as time is precious to us all. No worries, no credit card is needed at this time or until you decide to take the plunge into a new existence and reality full of prosperity and satisfaction rivaled by none. Take good care my friend and may all your dreams come true!

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